User Generated Content: Amature Animation

Xtranormal Cartoon Creation

From this morning’s Wall Street Journal a fascinating look at a new user generated content trend: creating your own animated shorts. The democratization of content continues with digital creation tools like Xtranormal and GoAnimate that allow you to create your own versions of South Park or Family Guy-like cartoons, filled with your own version of social or work-related satire, then share on YouTube, Twitter and blogs. The barriers of self-expression and creativity keep dropping.

McKinsey Animation of the New Consumer Journey

Click on the below link then click on “Launch Interactive”. There are 3 segments. You’ll want to watch all three.


Connectedness: The new utility

Good article from the NYTimes on the increasingly expensive fees we’re paying to stay connected across devices and be entertained. This isn’t a marketing article per se but it has implications for marketing because the pipelines are what allow us marketers to deliver our messages to whatever device the consumer has and this all has implications.

I think AT&T’s insistence that the iPad have a separate $30/month data plan in addition to your iPhone or other smart phone data plan is a bit of an over reach. will slow the market for the device. This should have been bundled if you already have an iPhone.

WiMax and UltraWideBand can’t get here soon enough for me and I hope they give both the telecom carriers and cable companies a run for their money.

Cellphone and Entertainment Fees Add Up for Families –

The Roles of Facebook and Twitter in Social Media Marketing | Brian Solis

Another excellent analysis from Brian Solis on what’s working and what’s not in social media marketing.

The Roles of Facebook and Twitter in Social Media Marketing | Brian Solis.