The Real Purpose of Social Media

The Real Purpose of Social Media

This is a long but excellent video by Dough Rushkoff, author of “Program or Be Programmed” (sorry, the video host won’t allow the video to be embedded). He makes a fundamental point toward the end of the video that social media is really about the value exchange between the participants in a distributed network. If brands want to have meaningful value in this exchange, they have to contribute value. You can do this with entertainment (hard) or you can do this with information (not so hard) but however you choose to do it, you have to be real. As Doug points out, “Nobody wants to talk about what the Keebler Elf is doing…unless he’s been caught having sex with the Pillsbury Doughboy” or something like this, is hilariously true.

7 Steps to Creating and Cultivating a Brand in Social Media

I love lists. You love lists. So, here’s a list to start your day. From social media titan Brian Solis…

7 Steps to Creating and Cultivating a Brand in Social Media.

Jeffrey Hayzlett: Kodak, A Brand in Transition  

Link to the webcast and presentation by Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, at a very enjoyable and lively presentation to the Houston Interactive Marketing Association. Jeff was a lot of fun and one of the most engaging CMO’s I’ve seen speak. I love the technology HiMA used to capture this presentation, both the powerpoint and the live event. Very cool.

via HiMA .

McKinsey Animation of the New Consumer Journey

Click on the below link then click on “Launch Interactive”. There are 3 segments. You’ll want to watch all three.